Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photos of the Day - Camera Phone Pix (When I Don't Have My DSLR With Me)

I should really post here a little more regularly. I guess my problem is that I don't dedicate the time to just go out and shoot stuff. Plus with the winter in full swing, I rather stay inside, nice and warm, though I know there is beauty to be found in that coldness. 

It's not always feasible or convenient to carry a DSRL around because it's bulky and heavy. There are times when you come across a situation where you just have to take a picture to capture the moment and in that case I resort to my phone's camera.

Phone cameras are getting better nowadays but the picture quality may also vary on the make and model. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I'm quite pleased with the overall result of the pictures I've been taking with it. All the pictures on this post have been taken with my phone camera. I did a bit of editing but they are minor. The pictures lack the sharpness that a DSRL offers but they are still enjoyable in my opinion. 

The first picture above was taken right after I dropped off my daughter and her friend yesterday at school for the talent show. The sunset was glorious. I had to pull over to snap a picture. 

Prior to dropping off the girls at the school talent show, we spent a little time inside of Walgreens to kill some time and to grab some snacks. When we stepped out, I was like woah...Where's my phone? I need to picture this! It's not every day I get to see a lovely sunset, let alone getting a good view of it.

I am still night picture challenged. Low light and evening settings are always difficult for a novice like myself. Sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes, I have to futz with the camera and settings. This came out a little fuzzy but it was the best I could do with my phone. I took like 10 pictures I think that night. Ideally, it would have probably come out better if I had a steadier hand but perhaps I was slightly trembling with the cold. 
I was in Mequon sometime in December. Dropped off my son at school and I had a couple hours to kill so I went in Walgreens. It's one of the usual stores I stalk for new beauty products, lol. When I stepped out, I notice this really tall tree and it was beautifully lit so I was compelled to snap a picture. 

My sister turned 31 last December and we had a small family celebration. I forgot what kind of pie that was.

Along with my sister's birthday, my nephew also turned 18. This set of candles were really cool because you only need to light up one and it instantly light up the rest in like 3 seconds. Happened way too fast for my phone camera to catch that in action. My sister said that it was a representation of how fast her son grew.

I stopped by the apartment office to turn in my lease renewal and spotted these amazing icicles dangling from the roof. Wow, you don't wanna be down there if these things fall off. They were pretty big, up to 16 inches if not more.

Phone selfie is quick and convenient and my phone has an app that allows me to edit and give that soft glowy complexion. I was pretty impressed.