Sunday, July 7, 2013

POTD (aka Photo of the Day) - A Piece of Your Heart

Isn't it sad that all good things come to an end? That nothing really seem to last anymore. That you never know what tomorrow will bring. That the people who loved you today can take their love back tomorrow. That even good friendships can slip away...Or maybe that only happens to a certain unfortunate ones.

No, my life is not gloom and doom. In fact, it's been pretty quiet, lonesome, and mellow for a while now. Can't complaint. It was a personal choice of mine. I needed time to find myself. To reform myself. But I guess I'm a little lost, a little broken, and a little defeated...still. I feel a part of me closing in.

About a month ago, I received an unexpected letter. Tucked inside, I found this heart. It made me happy in a bitter sweet kind of way. It reminded me that our friendship was not lost or forgotten. I have not spoken to my friend in over 5 years. It's hard to believe that much time has passed already. Silence is part of our unspoken pact but in our lonely minds, we probably had a thousand conversation.

The thoughtful gesture felt like a pinch to my heart, a gentle reminder that I am not as alone as I thought I was. I saved this picture on my phone as wallpaper because it means a lot to me.

Sometimes we lose touch and sight of friends not because we want to but because life has a different plan for us. Don't forget to remind them that you still think of them. Being forgotten is a much worst feeling than being unloved.

Do you have an object, a charm, or a gift that has a meaning to you? Have you ever taken a picture of it?

Sorry for the lack of post....I haven't really been out there shooting things and my computer is having another episode and Lightroom keeps freezing on me... :(

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