Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Fall DIY Projects

Phewwww!!! Finally finished it! This fall project took me like 3 weeks to complete cause I had to make several trips to the Dollar Store and crafts store. Getting to the point where I was starting to get a hard time finding what I wanted because they were already putting away the Fall decor and putting up the Christmas stuff. I'm so proud of myself though. I'm really happy and loving each of these projects.

These fall leaves candle holder were super easy to put together. I got the glass holders from the dollar store. The leaves came in a bunch and were also from the dollar store. All I did was hot glue them to the holder and used a ribbon and tied a bow right in the middle. It looks so glowy and pretty at night with a tea light candle in it.

I bought these fake pumpkins from Michael's. They came with a metallic finish, which is awesome cause I dig it and I don't have to do the paint job. What I did have to do is adorn them with swirly crystals and pearls. The crystal swirls were peel and stick and I got them from Micheal's also. I highly recommend those rather than free-hand sticking them one by one, especially if you're not very crafty or don't have the patience like I do. For the pearled pumpkins, I bought a sheet with different size half pearls, peel and stick also from Michaels. I did struggle with the tiny little pearl cause they were a lot harder to peel and stick where you want them to go. But the efforts were worth it. It turned out amazingly beautiful and fancy looking!

The next project that took me a little while to assemble was this pumpkin fall flower bouquet. I bought the pumpkin from the dollar store but they were only available in orange so I bought some white paint and painted them white. I also had to cut a 3 inch hole on top of the pumpkin. After the paint dried, I use some lace fabric and wrapped the pumpkin and tied it together with some polka dots ribbon. 
Because the pumpkin was light and made of Styrofoam, I added a few marble inside the pumpkin to give it a bit of weight. Lastly, I purchased several different bunch of flowers from the dollar store and put them together to create this pop of fall color. So pretty! You can definitely switch up the flowers according to the season and reuse the lacy pumpkin. 

This fall branch center piece was my last project. I got a pack of fake leaves from the Dollar General store and hooked them unto some Christmas ornament wires and hung them on the branches. I reused the branches I purchased last winter for my Christmas project. They are super pretty and sparkly. I filled the vase with cinnamon scented pines and added a blow. I also reused the led lights from my previous winter project to brighten up the branches. I don't know if you can see but I have a few birds on the branches. I got them from the dollar store as well.

I got this Jack-o-Lantern at TJ Maxx and you can put a candle inside it. I also bought a couple Jack-o-Lantern at the Dollar store. They light up with different color, which is pretty cool for Halloween. I also bought a couple candles from Bath and Body Works. OMG they smell so dang goooood! I also got a couple other candles from TJ Maxx. Also bought lots of fall scented wax melt from Micheals. They were really cheap and on sale and also smell so good. I love the smell of fall...Apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, spices, ahhhhh so comforting!

Got this candy bucket from TJ Maxx for like $8. I filled it up with candies last night and the next day it was almost empty. Had to yell at my kids for going through them so fast! This bucket can probably hold a gallon and a half of water. The Trick or Threat tombstone was on sale at Micheals for a couple bucks.

This vase center piece set is super easy to do. I got the vases from the dollar store. I filled them up with marbles and added a few flower stems (red, white, and yellow for mines). Fill the vase with water and top them with a floating or tea light candles and you're done! It's that simple. The finished look is so elegant, warm, and cozy. 

I have a glass top coffee table, which is awesome and reflective so when I came across some bright orange string lights from Walgreens for $5 I was thinking hmmm, I could do something with these! I looped them underneath the glass and it looks glowy and Halloweenish and just makes my living room even cooler and cozy. 

Last but not least, my tips for taking pictures at night is using a wide aperture lens and setting. I used the canon 50 mm f 1.4, which did a fantastic job. Most of these shots were at f 2.8 and I usually go with AV or A-Dep mode just cause I ain't got time for manual configuration, lol. A tripod is also a must for sharpness since the camera needs a slower shudder speed to absorb all that light. I use a 2 second timer setting to minimize camera shake while I snap the pictures. that I'm done with my fall project, it's time I start thinking about my winter projects, lol...OMGosh Pang...stop it already! smh. Not only am I enjoying doing them. I love the ambiance it gives the living room and I love taking pictures of them so I can show off my projects and hopefully give you some inspiration or ideas.

Have a happy fall and a marvelous and safe Halloween!

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