Thursday, December 13, 2012

First Things You Should Get For Your DSLR Camera

If you are thinking about getting a DSLR camera, just bought one, or will be getting one soon, these are the first thing you will need.

1. A memory card. Sure you can still re-use the one you've been using with your digicam but I was told that you need a class 6 or higher for a DSLR camera. The class number is the number that you see inside the circle on the SD card. Here I have a class 10. The reason you want a higher class card is because it will process and transfer your files faster. Typically, files processed on a DSRL camera are much larger thus why the higher class is something to consider. Mine is pretty standard I think. I've seen some of these card being labeled as pro and they are much more expensive and faster but you won't need that unless you plan on filming HD videos. If your memory card doesn't process fast enough, what will happen when filming videos is that your camera will record for only a few seconds and then stop. When I bought this card it was on sale for only $8.00 at Best Buy.

2. A UV Filter.  Ok so I made the mistake of purchasing these filters on a whim at Wal-Mart and this set comes with a polarized filter and a UV filter. The polarized filter is supposed to reduce reflections and increase color saturation, whereas the UV filter is supposed reduce haze produce more vivid colors. Well at least that is what it said on the packaging. Meanwhile, these really do not increase the quality of your pictures, if anything, they can potentially even add more glare. But the reason you should still get it is to protect your lens from dirt, damage, and scratches. Lenses are expensive so you want to protect your investments. At Wal-Mart these two come as a set and cost me $20 but I found them for half the price on Amazon so I felt really stupid afterward. Oh well, just don't do what I did, lol. Save yourself a few bucks and order it from Amazon. The one I always keep on my lens is the UV filter. Since it can easily catch glare from the light at certain angle, you want to pay extra attention to that when shooting.

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