Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall and Nature

It's nothing spectacular but these are some nature shots I took while I was out with my son and daughter at Whitnall Park and Wehr Nature Center.

This was my first glimpse at the golf course nearby the trail. There were some Canadian geese chilling under the trees. They moved away after my daughter and I got close to the trees to take pictures. If I wasn't so distracted with my daughter I would have snapped a couple pix of these little guys as well. 

I know nothing about trees and their species but I couldn't help myself but take pictures of their lovely colors.

Just had to get a shot of a Jack O Lantern for that Halloween vibe. Too bad my kids are too old for trick or treat. I would have loved to capture the spirit of Halloween on camera as well.

I just recently found out about this little waterfall nearby. I wished I had known about it sooner.

So the sunset was looking nice but I have yet to learn how set my camera to take the perfect shot. Will need to practice on that.

This is a lovely spot in the park. It's just a few steps from the waterfall so you can hear the relaxing sound of flowing water and this bench is faced toward the sunset so if you are feeling romantic or nostalgic, it's a good place to unwind and let your spirit flow with the beauty of nature.


  1. Great pics! You have so many lovely fall colors there, makes me miss the Midwest. (But not the midwest winters, I don't miss those one bit!)

    1. Thank you. Fall is beautiful here but the winters are longer and more brutal...Ughhhh I don't want to deal with it :(