Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Pictures With My Son

I had to work last Saturday but Sunday was free so I made another effort to go out there again. This session was taken just a week after the ones I did with my daughter and you can already tell the leaves are looking a little dead and aren't as yellow as the week before. It's a little bummer but still got some pretty good shots. Ideally, I wanted all of my kids to come so I can have pictures of them together but they weren't very cooperative so I manage to only convince my oldest to tag along. Again we went to Whitnall Park and Wehr Nature Center.

My son was driving and we were looking for a good spot for pictures. After I asked him to turn into a parking lot and we were about to turn around the other way, I glanced behind the parking area and saw lots of pretty trees and leaves so I made him stop and told him we're going to just take some pictures right there.

There was a little hill with the sun slightly peeping through the top of the trees. Perfect lighting conditions. We had a lot of shade and light for some awesome pictures.

I saw a fairly big tree trunk a little more up the hill so we walked up some more and I asked him to sit on it. It couldn't ask for a more perfect location. I love this pic.

After we walked back down from the hill, there was an area close to the parking that had lots of picnic tables. So we stopped there for some more pictures.

Same spot I was with my daughter a week earlier...leaves are turning brown already :(

There was a couple benches there at the edge of the lake. The view is beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.

At last the waterfall! My daughter and I missed out, we were too pooped out to go there after the long walk through the trail last week.

Here I was with my son and it was getting dark so I had some trouble getting good clear shot at him. The flash looked too unnatural, and with not enough natural light I had to bumped the exposure and ISO. It killed the image quality. After several tries, I managed to take some decent shots but they really lack the sharpness I'm looking for. Gonna have to try this again another day.

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