Sunday, October 26, 2014

POTD (Photos of the Day) - Family & Kids

Dangggg...I forgot I had these pictures in draft all this time. These were taken this summer. My sister just had a baby and she wanted some family picture so I was happy to improvise. Baby Kimora was usually a bit fussy but with some luck she looked like she was smiling and happy here.

And then, here's my little nephew. He always has such a big smile when taking pictures. Sometimes a bit too unnatural, ehehe but he's a darling!

My youngest son normally doesn't like or care to be in pictures but I made him do it

My nephew and my niece. She didn't want to take pictures. She just wanted to run around in the backyard.

His goofy smile again

I love how he poses for the pictures. Clearly he loves the camera. 

Ah finally, a natural smile.

Kids are so hard to photograph. They are constantly moving and easily distracted. I managed to get some decent shot by putting my setting to action and snap the camera by looking through the view finder.

It was really bright and sunny that day and some areas are over exposed but I still enjoyed taking the pictures. I was under a big tree so the subject under the tree turned out fine.

My daughter and Max. He's a rat terrier.

I don't remember if there was a special occasion but I remember that we had some grilled goodies that day.